Essence Unlimited, Inc. has been providing Real Estate sales and property management services to the Atlanta community since 1975. Essence is located in the Mechanicsville community which is south of downtown and convenient to I-20 and Interstate 75/85.

The office was established during the time when owners of real estate offices did not need to be licensed. The business was established by the late J. Lowell Ware and presented the business to his daughter after she became a licensed broker in 1981. Ms. Janis Ware has run the office as an independent agency for the past 21 years and is a member of the Empire Real Estate Board.

Ms. Ware has been approached on numerous occasions to consider joining larger organizations to provide additional resources and training. They have chosen to stay small and independent to provide a personal, one on one service to the first time homebuyer which has been the life blood of the organization. These first time homebuyers have become repeat clients and a source of referral clients to the business.

Essence has been fortunate to develop a large base of investors who are constantly buying and selling properties.

We invite you to visit the sites that we are marketing, Ware Estates and Rosa Burney Manor.

Essence has a total of five (5) agents: Dr. Alyce Martin Ware-Associate Broker, Corey Moody, Felicia Hicks, J. Lowell Dunn, Masharn Wilson.